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[] FOIA-Ausnahme für CIP im Senat eingebracht,
Mal wieder - so eines gab es schon mal. Anscheinend nutzen jetzt alle
die überparteiliche Woge des Antiterrorismus, um ihre alten
Gesetzesentwürfe nochmal vorzulegen. RB

Bill would boost info sharing

 BY Judi Hasson 
FCW, Sept. 25, 2001

 Sen. Robert Bennett (R-Utah) introduced legislation Sept. 24 to allow
the federal government and industry to share information about potential
threats to the nation's critical infrastructure.

 The Critical Infrastructure Information Security Act, co-sponsored by
Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) is intended to make it easier to warn potential
targets and analyze potential threats to both the government and private
industry ?an idea that had been
 gaining support even before terrorist attacks Sept 11.

 "With more than 85 percent of critical infrastructure entities owned
and operated by the private sector, voluntarily shared information leads
to a more focused understanding of threats and empowers government,
industry and private citizens to
 mitigate risk," Bennett said.

 The legislation would allow a firm to voluntarily submit sensitive
information to a federal agency and request that the information be
protected. That means the information would not be disclosed in response
to a request under the Freedom
 of Information Act. The legislation also protects private industry from
antitrust violations.

 In response, the federal government would provide information such as
warnings and strategic analysis about potential threats. 

 "Ultimately, this bill will help assure the reliable delivery of
services critical to the nation's economy and security," Bennett said.

 Congress and the private sector have long been struggling with ways to
share critical information without breaching confidences or violating
antitrust law.
 Bennett's legislation would make it easier for key areas of the private
sector, including the telecommunications, transportation and energy
industries, to
 share information about potential threats.

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