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[] Pentagon JTF-CNO will globale Datennetze ausspähen,
Begründung: "Proaktiver Schutz" vor Hacker-Attacken. Wer´s glaubt... RB

The DoD, in consultation with law-enforcement agencies, is
considering expanding its ability to take pro-active measures to thwart
would-be intruders of its computer networks.  These measures, if
adopted, would give the department the unprecedented ability to conduct
reconnaissance of non-DoD domestic and foreign networks as a means of
providing advanced warning of pending attacks and tracing their origin.
Army Maj. Gen. James Bryan, who directs the DoD's Joint Task
Force-Computer Network Operations (JTF-CNO), told Jane's Defense
Weekly:  "People are free to browse all over the global Internet and
that is what we are really talking about - a form of reconnaissance that
is much like browsing."  At the same time, he said these deliberations
are in a very preliminary stage and the DoD is "a long way" from
performing these activities.  US law currently precludes the DoD from
conducting computer network defense (CND) activities outside its own
network infrastructure.  

(aus dem NIPC Daily Report, Quelle: Jane's Defense Weekly, 26 September)

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