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[] NIPC sucht nach Cyber-Spuren vom 11. September,

ein netter Artikel - seit Ron Dick das NIPC leitet, sind die anscheinend
etwas besser in der PR und in der interagency-Koordination geworden. 
Neben dem NIPC sind m.W. allerdings auch noch militärische Einheiten wie
das Office of Special Investigations der Air Force an den Untersuchungen


NIPC leads cyber sleuthing

 BY Diane Frank 
Federal Computer Week, Sept. 27, 2001

As a center of technical expertise within the FBI, the National
Infrastructure Protection Center is leading the cyber aspects of the
investigation into the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, according to NIPC
director Ronald Dick.

With the Justice Department heading the joint law enforcement,
intelligence and military investigation into the attacks?an effort
called PENTTBOM?the NIPC is lending all of its technical and
coordination expertise, Dick testified before the House Government
Reform Committee's Government Efficiency, Financial Management and
Intergovernmental Relations Subcommittee.

"During the past two weeks, the NIPC has provided detailed information
used to brief the National Command Authority about how the terrorist
cells of Sept. 11 used technology to further their murderous
activities," he said.

President Clinton established the NIPC in 1998 to coordinate response to
and investigation of cyberattacks and other security incidents across
federal, state, local and private-sector groups.

The center's Special Technologies and Applications Unit, which usually
provides the technical expertise to track computer intrusions, is
serving as the technical assistance for the PENTTBOM team through a
newly established Cyber Crisis Action Team.

Earlier this year, the NIPC created its Interagency Coordination Cell,
which helps resolve conflicts between the many federal agencies involved
in cyber investigations. The group meets monthly or as needed. Now, with
a staff of 43 people
representing 15 agencies, they are working full time within the NIPC on
the center's PENTTBOM efforts, Dick said.

The NIPC is still working to address the weaknesses revealed in a
General Accounting Office review released earlier this year, and if
Justice addresses the resource gaps identified in that report, the
center will be able to improve its support, Dick said.

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