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[] Re: heise online: Krieg spielen, aber richtig,
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Hallo Liste,

Tuesday, October 30, 2001, 3:28:25 PM, schrieb ich:

> Krieg spielen, aber richtig

> Die U.S.-Armee hat das Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT)
> [1] mit der Entwicklung zweier Trainingssimulationen beauftragt,
> die gleichzeitig auch als Video- und Computerspiele vertrieben
> werden sollen.

analog dazu:

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The Army Game Project

The NPSNET Research Group at the Naval Postgraduate School
has a 15-year tradition in building networked virtual en-
vironments and graphical simulations. The US Army has re-
cently provided the NPSNET Research Group with multiyear,
multimillion dollar support to build training and evaluation
systems atop video game technology

The Army Game Project will have two intertwined game titles
(one 3-D, one 2-D) that will share art resources and allow
character migration. The scope and distribution model for
this project will turn the game publishing industry on its
ear. We're not ready to make public announcements just yet,
but we think you'll be absolutely floored.

The Naval Postgraduate School is a proud member of
the Association of the United States Army.

We are STILL hiring!

The Army Game is still hiring! Check out the Jobs page and
submit a resume or detailed query via email or by US Mail.

Positions open:
* Lead Programmer
* Programmers
* Texture Artist
* 3D Modeler and Animator
* Interns in all areas

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 Olaf, ./fx3

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