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[] Kommandos per Mausklick in Chinas Militär,
Quelle: NIPC Daily Report, 19 November 01

China's reserve army, the youngest force in China, has utilized computer
networks to mobilize, assemble and train staff.  A reporter, who
attended a drill taking place in a regiment of an infantry division in
east China's Anhui Province, saw a commander issuing orders by clicking
a mouse in the regiment headquarters. The orders were sent in a few
seconds to all battalions and companies via the net.  Two hours later,
over 1300 reserve officers and soldiers scattered over many villages and
towns had arrived in the appointed area with their heavy weapons.
Currently, high-tech training measures are being widely used in China's
reserve army and the personnel educational level has been greatly
improved.  In the Anhui reserve army's infantry division, 6% of officers
have a Master's degree, 78% have graduated from institutes of higher
education and 68% are technical personnel.  The division has also
produced their own military software including civil air defense forces
software and high-speed mobilization software.  Nowadays, the division
can offer network drills, network information transmission, network
supervision and network commanding.  (Source: Xinhuanet, November)

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