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[] US Air Force macht neue Werbekampagne,
Für die "corporate watch"-Fraktion: Die Kampagne zur Gewinnung neuer
Rekruten wird durchgeführt von GSD&M aus Austin/Texas und ist 30
Millionen Dollar wert. RB

NEWS RELEASE from the United States Department of Defense

No. 565-01
November 2, 2001


        The Air Force announced today that it will launch its
third year of paid television advertising with two new,
30-second commercials set to air on network, cable and
syndicated programs beginning Nov. 5.

        The TV commercials are part of a national advertising
campaign named "Cross into the Blue," that includes print ads
and an update to, the
Service's official recruiting Web site.

        "When you say Air Force, people naturally think of
planes and pilots," said Secretary of the Air Force James Roche.
 "However, the variety of Air Force specialties is broad and
rich with opportunity, ranging from flying sophisticated
satellites to putting up portable hospitals."

        The latest advertising campaign focuses more on the
recruiting aspect as compared to last year's objective to
introduce the Air Force's new logo and identity.

        "Cross into the Blue" honors the service of our talented
young men and women and invites like-minded young citizens to do
the same," added Roche.  "We couldn't do what we do without
their dedication and service."

        "Every specialty in the Air Force is critical to our
success, as is every man and woman serving our nation today and
tomorrow," said Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. John Jumper.  "Our
new campaign shows a number of these specialties that the public
might not be aware of; it invites young men and women to join us
in our very important mission."

        The overall cost of the campaign, managed by GSD&M of
Austin, Texas, is $30 million, including production costs and
airtime over the next year.

        To view the ads or for more information, please contact
Capt. David Westover, Air Force Public Affairs, at (703)

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