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[] Virenkosten dieses Jahr: 11,8 Mrd. Dollar,
Far Eastern Economic Review, 22.11.2001

Hold Fire
Feeling vulnerable? These days, there are faster, better solutions to
fend off cyberattacks

By Lara Wozniak/HONG KONG
Issue cover-dated November 22, 2001

TERRORISM IS IN THE AIR--and on the Net. Cyberterrorism, in the form of
vicious viruses, such as Melissa, Anna Kournikova and the Code Red worm,
have been hindering network systems globally for some time. They have
shut down systems for a day here or a day there. That may not seem like
much, but it adds up.

As of September 22 the global cost of virus attacks on information
systems this year reached $11.8 billion, according to Computer
Economics, a United States-based research firm. But lately, the need to
combat cyberwarfare is intensifying.

"The increasing paranoia among business since September has compelled
companies to take a more serious approach to securing enterprise
networks," says Jaclynn Bumback, research analyst at U.S.-based Cahners
In-Stat Group, a digital-communications research group.


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