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[] Simulationszentrum für Cyber-Sicherheit/FIDNet-Nachfolger,
Aus FIDNet wurde "managed security services", und das soll jetzt zum
"Cyber Warning Information Network" werden. Ausserdem ist ein
Simulationszentrum für Infrastruktursicherheit geplant, das "National
Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center". RB

White House casting cyber nets

 BY Diane Frank 
Federal Computer Week, Nov. 19, 2001

 The White House is moving forward with several information technology
initiatives to try to create a more secure government and nation ?
including a cyberwarning network ? even before the board set up to lead
such work has its first meeting.

 President Bush established the Critical Infrastructure Protection Board
through an executive order last month to serve as a central point for
ideas and initiatives for cybersecurity in government and reaching out
to the private sector. 

 The board's purpose is to build on work started during the Clinton
administration, particularly in regard to information sharing, Paul
Kurtz, director of critical infrastructure for the Office of Homeland
Security, said Nov. 16 at the New
 Reality of E-Security conference sponsored by the National Science
Foundation's Digital Government Program.

 Among the top initiatives is the Cyber Warning Information Network, a
secure communications system to link all of the federal cyberalert
centers, Kurtz said. The National Communications System has been working
on the hotline-style network along with organizations such as the
Federal Computer Incident Response Center since the beginning of the

 When the network is in place, the alert centers will be able to ensure
that communications will be available during incidents and attacks.
Eventually, the network will be expanded to include the private-sector
information sharing and analysis centers, Kurtz said.

 The board also will also be pushing the development and implementation
of a National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center. The center
is an idea from Sen. Pete Domenici (R-N.M.) that Congress incorporated
into the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate
Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT) Act of
2001, signed by Bush in October. The act authorizes $20 million for the
Defense Department in fiscal 2002.

 The center will provide modeling, simulation and analysis of the
critical infrastructure ? including the cyber, telecommunications and
physical infrastructures ? across federal, state and local governments
and the private sector. 

 The center's work is designed to enable the government to better
understand the relationships among systems and networks, and to
determine ways to mitigate threats to those systems and the
infrastructure as a whole.

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