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[] NSA-Projekt Groundbreaker: Privatisierungs-Update,

December 5, 2001 

Ex-NSA employees win jobs with contractor 

By George Cahlink
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More than 1,000 contractor employees have been hired at the
National Security Agency in recent months to work on the
agency's multibillion-dollar information technology outsourcing

The Fort Meade, Md.-based electronic spy agency awarded an
industry team, led by Computer Sciences Corp., a $2 billion
contract in July to manage the agency's IT infrastructure
operations. The agreement, which covers everything from
providing employees with state-of-the-art desktops to running the
agency's complex computer networks, is among the largest
outsourcing IT deals ever in the federal government.

"Bringing in the required skills and experience needed for success
is a critical first step in the modernization of the NSA's information
technology infrastructure," CSC officials said in a statement.

The industry team has hired 1,098 employees to provide NSA's IT
services. Many of those workers are former agency employees.
Under the contract, CSC and its partners were required to provide
comparable jobs and pay for many of the NSA workers who lost
their jobs in the outsourcing. CSC has said it was eager to hire
such workers because of their experience.

"We are now successfully providing services to the NSA with
minimal disruption to their current infrastructure," said Tim
Sheahan, general manager for the CSC-led team.

NSA has embraced outsourcing of commercial functions as a way
to save money that can then be invested in upgrading the agency's
mission-critical systems. In recent years, NSA has failed to keep
up with the rapidly changing commercial IT market after decades
of being an acknowledged leader in the information systems world.

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