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[] Industrie fordert bessere Cyber-Sicherheit von US-Regierung,

December 5, 2001 

Tech CEOs call for better government security practices 

By Drew Clark, National Journal's Technology Daily 

The Chief Executive Officers of 11 top software companies called
for better government security practices and stronger enforcement
of laws against hackers and copyright infringers on Wednesday. 

Speaking in a panel discussion and in a press conference at the
Business Software Alliance conference, they also expressed their
willingness to work more closely with the government to prepare
against future cyber attacks, an offer that they said Homeland
Security Director Tom Ridge would likely accept. 

"We realized we could have a role in a solution and response [to
cybercrime and terrorism] and we offered that assistance to
government," said Gregory Bentley, CEO of Bentley Systems.
"Ridge said that was one of the first things he considered in his first
day on the job." 

On Tuesday, the executives presented a united front on a range of
policy questions including better government, cyber security,
copyright protection, trade-negotiating authority and tax
depreciation rules, in a meeting with Vice President Richard
Cheney, Ridge, and the heads of the Commerce, Treasury and
Justice departments. 

Industry's efforts to work with the government on combating cyber
crime and terrorism could be modeled after the collaboration
employed in the effort to stamp of the Y2K computer bug, said
Symantec CEO John Thompson at the Wednesday panel. "There is
a real sense that there is a an issue to be dealt with." 

Referring to the effort to grade government agencies on computer
security by Rep. Steve Horn, R-Calif., Entrust CEO Bill Conner
said, "Government is disappointed and frustrated at the grades they
have gotten" and is determined to draw on the technology
community's expertise.

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