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[] Jane's 11.12.01: Pathfinder puts two and two together,

11 December 2001=20

Pathfinder puts two and two together=20

More than 40 intelligence agencies and other organisations are using=
 Pathfinder, a software system employing a set of approximately 20 advanced=
 text-analysis tools, to extract easily useable intelligence from large=
 amounts of data.=20

Pathfinder, sponsored by the US Army Intelligence and Security Command=92s=
 National Ground Intelligence Center, can routinely handle more than 500,000=
 documents in a few minutes. Major users include Ground Intelligence Support=
 Activities =AD CONUS at Fort Bragg and the US European Command, where=
 Pathfinder was recently adopted for use in the Joint Analysis Centre at=
 Molesworth in the UK, together with forces deployed in the Balkans and=

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