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[] Hollywood unterstützt den Krieg,

USA Today
December 10, 2001

Hollywood Eager For A Supporting Role

By Judy Keen, USA Today

WASHINGTON ? Hollywood is enlisting in the Bush administration's war on

After a meeting last week with White House officials, executives from
the entertainment industry are rushing to support U.S. troops.

They're not planning movies or TV shows that endorse the war, but they
are finding ways to boost patriotism and deliver entertainment to
military personnel.

"The news we're hearing from the entertainment industry is encouraging,"
says Karl Rove, the senior adviser to President Bush who organized the

On Friday, stars of the new movie Ocean's Eleven visited Incirlik Air
Base in Turkey, home to U.S. and British warplanes. Brad Pitt, George
Clooney, Julia Roberts and others chatted with troops and posed for

This month, a 3-minute trailer that includes clips of patriotic movie
scenes will begin airing in the nation's movie theaters. Studios and
theater owners paid for making and distributing the trailer.

Other contributions:

DreamWorks is sending videotapes and DVDs of Shrek free of charge to all
bases and troop ships. 

CBS donated a Garth Brooks music special, taped on the aircraft carrier
USS Enterprise, to Armed Forces Radio and Armed Forces Television. 

Disney is shipping 40,000 videotapes and cassettes to military bases in
the USA and is sending free copies of ESPN Magazine to overseas bases. 

20th Century Fox hosted a premiere of Behind Enemy Lines at the naval
air station in Coronado, Calif., and previewed the movie for 3,000
military personnel on the carrier USS Carl Vinson. 

Blockbuster is donating 3,600 videos to 30 USO centers overseas, and DVD
players and movies to six domestic USO centers and the carrier USS
Theodore Roosevelt.

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