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[] neue Texte auf,

Rick Forno's Essays: 
(einige wurden hier schon verteilt - fast immer wert zu lesen)

Strategiepapiere und andere Texte:

- DoD Memorandum: Principles Governing the Collection of Internet
Addresses by DOD Intelligence and Counterintelligence Components (PDF)
- Defense Science Board Report:  The Creation and Dissemination of All
Forms of Information in Support of Psychological Operations (PSYOP) in
Time of Military Conflict (PDF)
- National Communications System Annual Report (PDF)
- Winn Schwartau's Book "INFORMATION WARFARE" in MS Word format
- Electronic Intrusion Threats to National Security & Emergency
Preparedness (NS/EP) Internet Comms. (PDF)
- NCS Guidelines for Public Switched Network Security (PDF)
- Neuromancer, the classic cyberculture novel from William Gibson
- National State Auditors Association and the U. S. General Accounting
Office: A Joint Initiative Management Planning Guide for Information
Systems Security Auditing (PDF) 
- Copy of NIPC Year 2001 Round-Up of Security Vulnerabilities and
Exploits (PDF)
- Marshall McLuhan: Understanding Media The Extensions of Man Part I,
Chapters 1-7 
- Third Report on the Gimore Commission (RAND Report)(PDF) on WMD/Cyber

Dazu gibt es hier eine Reihe von alten Sachen wie Macchiavelli,
Clausewitz, diverse Pentagon-Dokumente und anderes. Schaut mal rein.


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