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[] IT-Sicherheitsfirmen erwarten Gewinne,

Strong Results Seen for Computer Security Firms
 January 14, 2002 1:58 pm EST 

 By Elinor Mills Abreu

 SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Most computer security companies,
particularly those that sell anti-virus and intrusion detection software
and services to protect against malicious hackers, are on track to
report strong fiscal results, analysts said.

 "Many security vendors will meet or exceed expectations and will likely
provide positive guidance over the next period," said Kevin Wagner, an
analyst with Adams, Harkness & Hill Inc.

 "Specifically, companies such as Symantec Corp. (SYMC.O) and Network
Associates Inc. (NETA.O) will likely post very good results given the
strength of the antivirus market," he added.

 After anti-virus, intrusion detection, which blocks unauthorized access
to computer networks, is moving up the list of priorities for many
companies, which will benefit market leader Internet Security Systems
Inc. (ISSX.O), analysts said.

 "Intrusion detection is stepping out from the crowd and ISS is the
purest play," said Israel Hernandez of Lehman Brothers.

 Other highlights will be RSA Security Inc. (RSAS.O), which sells
products that encrypt data and authorize user access to it, and
SonicWALL Inc. (SNWL.O), which makes a security appliance that blocks
intruders and provides secure corporate networks, said a report issued
by SG Cowen.

 Another company that provides secure access to corporate and government
data, Secure Computing Corp. (SCUR.O), is expected to report a solid
fourth quarter, according to Credit Suisse First Boston analyst Jon

 "Investors will generally be pleased with the results in the sense that
they will show that the sector bottomed out," Hernandez said.

 Analysts cautioned, however, that the economic recovery and reduced
lower technology spending at corporations that dragged earnings down
last year will not be quickly reversed.

 "We're coming off a very poor second half of 2001," said Jordan Klein
of UBS Warburg. "None of these companies will say everything is
improved. They're likely to be conservative (in their guidance)."

 The results in the March quarter should give a good indication of how
the rest of the year will be.

 "The key is going to be the outlook for 2002 where our research
indicates customers will spend a bigger portion of their information
technology budgets on security," said Sterling Auty of J.P.Morgan.

 In 2001, companies spent about 7.4 percent of their information
technology budgets on security and are expected to spend 10.3 percent in
2002, he said.

 Per-share earnings estimates for companies reporting this week are: 29
cents for Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (CHKP.O), 64 cents for
Symantec, 5 cents for (MCAF.O) and 8 cents for Network
Associates, according to a consensus from analysts polled by Thomson
Financial/First Call.

   Per-share forecasts for companies reporting next week include: 7
cents for ISS, 19 cents for VeriSign Inc. (VRSN.O), break-even for RSA,
8 cents for SonicWALL, break-even for Secure Computing and 1 cent for
Netegrity Inc. (NETE.O)

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