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[] Firma schliesst wegen Hack Attacke,
Hier sind zwei Berichte über Cloud Nine ISP. Heute hat der  CEO beschlossen 
die ISP zu schließen als Folge eines DNS Attacke.  Ich glaube dies ist die 
erste Firma die wegen eines Angriffes die Türen zu macht.

Future of hack-attack ISP still unclear
11:13 Wednesday 23rd January 2002 
<A HREF="mailto:mailroomuk -!
- zdnet -
 com">Graeme Wearden</A>      

Cloud Nine's future is still uncertain as talks continue with fellow ISP V21 
about the sale of its assets, following a damaging attack 
The future of UK Internet Service Provider Cloud Nine's customers is still 
uncertain after sources within fellow ISP V21 revealed that talks regarding 
the sale of Cloud Nine's assets are still taking place. 
<A HREF=",,t269-s2099035,00.html";>Cloud Nine</A> was forced to shut down its operations this week after becoming 
the victim of a <A HREF=",,t269-s2099780,00.html";>Denial Of Service</A> attack. The company had attempted to repel 
the onslaught, which included attacks on its email and DNS servers, but on 
Tuesday it announced that it was closing down, and invited other ISPs to bid 
for its assets.  "We felt we had a moral duty not to expose our customers to 
possible attacks as well," explained chief executive Emeric Miszti in a 
statement. It is thought that Cloud Nine's insurance cover is not sufficient 
to pay for the cost of rebuilding its systems. 
Some reports have claimed that a deal has already been done between Cloud 
Nine and V21, but it seems that any agreement is still being discussed. "V21 
is in negotiation with Cloud-Nine at the moment," a source within V21 told 
ZDNet UK News. "There should be an announcement later on today," he added. 
Cloud Nine customers are understandably worried about the situation. Some are 
concerned that they may be forcibly transferred to V21 when they would rather 
move to another ISP, while others are afraid that they may lose data that is 
currently stored on Cloud Nine's servers. 
Existing V21 users are also thought to be concerned that the quality of V21's 
service may drop if a large number of former Cloud Nine customers suddenly 
join them. In a Denial of Service attack, hackers attempt to disable a 
network or Web-connected computer. High-profile <A HREF=",,t269-s2076846,00.html";>victims</A> in the past have 
included Yahoo! and Microsoft. 
Hacked ISP shuts down   
silicom. com    
Six years almost down the drain...
Cloud Nine has been forced to close down its operations following a denial of 
service attack against its network late last week.The decision to close down 
operations - announced just a few hours ago - comes after's 
report of the attack yesterday. The attack has crippled the ISP's entire 
network and according to a statement posted on ISP Review, the re-building of 
the network will cost too much.     
The six-year-old company has sacked its staff and is trying to sell all of 
its assets as quickly as possible to avoid bankruptcy. The company's CEO 
Emeric Miszti posted the following statement on ISP Review:
 "Cloud Nine regrets to announce that at 7:45 this morning the decision was 
taken to shut down our internet connections with immediate effect. We tried 
overnight to bring our web servers back online but were seeing denial of 
service attacks against all our key servers, including email and DNS. These 
were of an extremely widespread nature. We felt we had a moral duty not to 
expose our customers to possible attacks as well" The company's domain name 
servers will be transferred to Surftime.    

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