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... ist das Distanz-Überwachen von Computern (bzw. Monitoren) aufgrund
ihrer elektromagnetischen Abstrahlung. Hier eine sehr gute Übersicht
über die Entwicklung dieser Technik und der Gegenmaßnahmen,
zusammengestellt und gerade aktualisiert durch John Young von Cryptome.

Tempest Timeline Updated

This timeline was developed over a period of years, with the hope that
it will be used to further the understanding of the subject. The data
was gathered from unclassified sources, mostly web sites and books.
Hopefully it tells an interesting story, even though it's far from
complete. And, yes I realize, has a rumor or two thrown in as well. A
lot of information I have gathered just couldn't be dated. I hope people
will use the timeline to direct FOIA requests and other information
gathering exercises on the topic. Acoustic TEMPEST information is mostly
absent, as are military directives. This is obviously a work in
progress. If so desired, you have permission to incorporate any/all
parts of the timeline into your inherited TEMPEST pages. 

TEMPEST Timeline

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