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[] Virenwarnung - "My Party",

Normalerweise off topic hier, aber es wurde gerade schon eine Variante
an die Liste geschickt. Bitte aufpassen - aber wer hier mitliest, öffnet
ja ohnehin keine komischen Attachments, gell? RB

"Anti-virus companies say a new e-mail worm they have named "Myparty"
won't be much fun for PC users who launch the malicious code after
clicking on what they think is a link to a page on the Yahoo Web site.
Researchers at Moscow-based Kaspersky Labs said today that the code
behind the Myparty worm, written for the Windows operating system, isn't
particularly unusual, including its ability to open a backdoor in some
versions of Windows that could then be exploited by hackers. However,
Kaspersky spokesman Denis Zenkin said, the virus author's decision to
name his executable file like a Web URL - "" -
appears to be fooling many Internet users who are finding the file
linked to e-mail messages."

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