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[] Cyberterror auf der InfoSec 2002,

Die InfoSec, eine große Industriekonferenz zu IT-Sicherheit und
verwandten Themen, findet (mit Workshops) vom 16. bis 22. März in
Orlando/Florida stat.

Es gibt natürlich auch etwas zum Thema "Cyberterrorismus": 

Einer der Sponsoren ist die International Terrorism Response Association
"ITRA is a professional association with members in the fields of law
enforcement, public safety, fire services, corporate security, military,
and government agencies. ITRA offers its members real-time information
and alerts via the Internet, and sponsors terrorism response, security,
and information security conferences and summits around the world."

The War in the Wire: Information Security in the Face of Terrorism
G. Mark Hardy, CISSP, CISA, Senior Manager, Ernst & Young LLP
September 11 forever changed the way we look at the world. Our concerns
about teenage hackers creating a nuisance have evolved into worrying
about state-sponsored electronic saboteurs. Although electronic
terrorism doesn?t have the same fear factor as physical destruction, the
damage to our national infrastructure could be just as devastating.
In his dynamic keynote address, Mark Hardy, a reservist captain who
served in the wake of the September 11 tragedy, will explore what might
be in store for us ? as information security professionals, as citizens,
and as humans ? as a result of changes in the world order. Mr. Hardy
will explain why instead of simply worrying about the new threat, he
promotes a call to action, urging corporations, organizations, and
individuals to take decisive steps to make themselves a
?hard? target. He will also offer tips for keeping information security
at the top of the funding food chain, ways to prevent the demise of your
organization, and ways that we can defend ourselves against


The Realities of Cyber-Terrorism
Dr. Richard Hall, Director, International Terrorism Response Association 
.Defining cyber-terrorism, cyber-terrorists, and virtual terrorists
.Terrorist motivations and intent in a virtual environment .Current
capabilities and weapons of the cyber-terrorist .Terrorist
organizational structures and information gathering .Investigating
terrorist incidents .Examining past attacks .Preventing network attacks

Top Ten Threats of 2001
Elias Levy, Chief Technology Officer, SecurityFocus
.The most destructive threats of 2001 .Denial-of-service attacks, Code
Red, Code Red II, cyber-terrorism .Protecting and securing your networks
.Preventing future

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