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[] noch 'ne Konferenz: Defending against Infowar, Washington DC, 12.-13.3.,

Defending against Information Warfare

March 12 - 13, 2002 - Sheraton Crystal City - Arlington, VA 

"This unique conference will help you prepare for the new threats from
cyber-criminals and cyber-terrorists, including serious, coordinated
attacks on your network."

Presenters include the leaders in information security from the
military, government and private sector, including:

Howard Schmidt
Vice Chairman of the President?s Critical Infrastructure Protection

Michael Jacobs
Information Assurance Director, National Security Agency

Matthew Devost
Founder, Terrorism Research Center

G. Mark Hardy
Senior Manager, Ernst & Young

Jacques Gansler
University of Maryland, former Under-Secretary of Defense [for Logistics
and Technology, RB]

Jeffrey Hunker
Dean, Carnegie-Mellon University [früher im NSC für CIP zuständig, RB]

Dan Kuehl
National Defense University [School for IW and Strategy, RB]

Lt. Col. Gregory Rattray, USAF
author of Strategic Warfare in Cyberspace

Richard Forno
ShadowLogic, author of The Art of Information Warfare

Lance Spitzner
Founder, HoneyNet Project

Jeff Stutzman
Cisco Systems

Joe Grand "Kingpin", @stake - leading authority on wireless LAN security

and many more.

Our last InfoWar event (October 2001) drew 100 high-level security
specialists from the military, government agencies and private
companies, including DARPA, US Army, DoD, the Federal Reserve Bank, and
many other state and city agencies and foreign embassies.

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