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[] Home-User sollen in IT-Sicherheit erzogen werden,

Nach dem motto: wenn die Sicherheit nicht in der Technik eingebaut wird,
müssen es die User selber richten. Microsoft ist auch beteiligt, naja...

Govt, tech alliance promote home computer security 
2/7/02 4:00 PM

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 7 (Reuters) - A group of high-tech companies and U.S.
government agencies announced on Thursday a new campaign to educate home
computer users and small businesses about ways to keep hackers and
viruses at bay. 

At the core of the Stay Safe Online Campaign is a Web site
( with information and tips people can
follow to protect the security of their computers. 

The campaign is aimed at home users and small businesses, who are
increasingly vulnerable to attack because many of them use so-called
"always on" cable and digital subscriber line Internet connections. 

In addition, home and small business computer users lack the money and
dedicated security staff that corporations have to secure their systems. 

"They don't have the infrastructure support that people who work in
large companies have at the office," said Tatiana Gau, senior vice
president of integrity assurance at AOL Time Warner Inc., which is a
member of the alliance. 

They also don't have "the inclination to focus on the necessary
security," she added. 

Backing that up are two new surveys conducted in conjunction with the
launch of the
campaign. An online survey of more than 700 corporate managers revealed
that only half typically update their anti-virus software every week,
according to CIO and Darwin magazines.

A survey conducted by Digital Marketing Services found that 97 percent,
or nearly all of its 1,014 online respondents are vulnerable to Internet
security threats since they do not adhere to all of the key practices
that protect their systems from

Specifically related to viruses, more than three-quarters, 77 percent,
are vulnerable since they don't update anti-virus software on a regular
basis, the
Digital Marketing survey found. 

The Stay Safe Web site offers a list of top tips for home users. For
instance: Don't open e-mail from unknown sources; use hard-to-guess
passwords; disconnect from the Internet when not in use; and back up
data and download software patches regularly. 

Alliance members include the FBI; Department of Defense, Federal Trade
Commission, Microsoft Corp., Cisco Systems Inc, AT&T Corp. and more than
30 others.

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