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[] Hackers face US bombing,

Moderne Abschreckungspolitik...

Clarke machte diese =C4u=DFerungen wohl am letzten Mittwoch (13.2.2002) (noch kein Trankskript eingestel=


Hackers face US bombing
By Nick Farrell [18-02-2002]
 The US government has warned that it could take military action against an=
y terrorists who launch attacks through the internet.
In a move that could send cruise missiles heading toward hackers' houses, a=
 White House technology adviser says the US "reserves the right to respond =
in any way appropriate" to tackle the growing number of internet warriors.

Advisor Richard Clarke says Iran, Iraq, North Korea, China, Russia and othe=
r countries are already having people trained in internet warfare.

Speaking at a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing on cyber-terrorism, Cla=
rke said the US could use covert action but military action was one of the =
tools available to the president.

Mr Clarke refused to say what level of cyber-attack might lead to a militar=
y strike. "That's the kind of ambiguity that we like to keep intentionally =
to create some deterrence," he said.

This is despite the fact that the US has not found a foreign government or =
terrorist group using internet warfare.

Clarke added: "It does not mean that it has not happened or will not happen=
. If I was a betting man, I'd bet that many of our key infrastructure syste=
ms already have been penetrated."=20

"There are lots of cases where there has been unauthorised intrusions but w=
e have never been able to prove to our particular satisfaction that a parti=
cular government did it," Mr Clarke said.


wurde bereits heute oder gestern auf q/depesche gepostet

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