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[] neue Ausgabe von Information&Security erschienen,

Die wissenschaftliche Online-Zeitschrift/Jahrbuch (ich hörte, es soll
auch eine gedruckte Ausgabe geben...) ist endlich mit der Ausgabe 2001
herausgekommen. Thema diesmal: "The Internet and the Changing Face of
International Relations and Security". Alle Texte sind kostenlos online

Vol. 7, 2001

The Internet and the Changing Face of International Relations and
Edited by Andreas Wenger

Editorial by Andreas Wenger 
The Internet and the Changing Face of International Relations and

The Growth of Soft Power and the Challenges of Global Governance 

Giampiero Giacomello and Fernando Mendez 
"Cuius Regio, Eius Religio, Omnium Spatium?" State Sovereignty in the
Age of the Internet 

Sheryl J. Brown and Margarita S. Studemeister 
Virtual Diplomacy: Rethinking Foreign Policy Practice in the Information

Dieter Zinnbauer 
Internet, Civil Society and Global Governance: The Neglected Political
Dimension of the Digital Divide 

The New Security Challenges of the Information Age 

Peter Westrin 
Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) 

Ralf Bendrath 
The Cyberwar Debate: Perception and Politics in US Critical
Infrastructure Protection 

Michael Näf
Ubiquitous Insecurity? How to "Hack" IT Systems 

The Human Mind as Battlefield in the Emerging Global Information

Andrew Rathmell
Controlling Computer Network Operations 

Myriam A. Dunn
The Cyberspace Dimension in Armed Conflict: Approaching a Complex Issue
with Assistance of the Morphological Method 

Timothy Thomas
The Internet in China: Civilian and Military Uses 

I&S Monitor 

I&S Research Centers 

Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research 

I&S Projects 

Advanced Information and Communications Technologies in Sub-regional
Security Cooperation

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