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[] IT-Sicherheitsakademie in San Antonio gegründet,

Was das Ganze interessant macht: In San Antonio befindet sich mit der
Air Intelligence Agency (AIA) der größte Schwerpunkt für
Cyberwar-Aktivitäten der US-Streitkräfte (siehe Die neue "Information Technology and
Security Academy" soll offenbar den steigenden Bedarf an technischen
Spezialisten decken und dafür studentischen Nachwuchs für die dortige
Universität bringen: Das "Center for Infrastructure Assurance and
Security" der University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) hat sich um den
Status als Center of Excellence bei der NSA beworben.

New Academy Will Teach San Antonio, Texas, Students about Computer

By David Hendricks, San Antonio Express-News. 

English Copyright (C) 2002 KRTBN Knight Ridder Tribune Business News

Mar. 5-In a world of increasing computer crime, hacking and information
theft, San Antonio wants to get a jump in the fight for technology

A new high school academy in technology security will begin this fall
90 high school juniors, according to an announcement by industry and
district officials Monday at KellyUSA.

The Information Technology and Security Academy is the second of its
and is modeled after the Alamo Area Aerospace Academy that began last
with about 130 high school juniors and seniors.

High school counselors at nearly all Bexar County school districts and
New Braunfels School District are ready to enroll sophomores for the
next fall.

The application deadline is April 2. Officially, only six Bexar County
school districts have signed on to participate, but all except
School District will get board approvals soon, said Trinity University
economics professor Richard Butler, who helped organize both academies.

Harlandale plans to participate starting in the 2003 academic year,

Because of companies specializing in computer security and government
activities already in San Antonio, the city has a "small window of
opportunity where the city has an edge and can get the lead in this
and hold it for a long time," Butler said.

"If we don't jump now, someone else will run off with this and get the
ring," he added.

The need for computer security is growing and permanent, said Cliff
Zintgraff, vice president of services at SecureLogix.

"The Internet is a big place, and it is a lucrative place for a bad
Zintgraff said.

Companies that planned the academy in the past several months were asked
whether 100 to 150 jobs will be available annually for the students in
coming years.

"The answer was not scientific, but it was obvious," Zintgraff said. "It
yes. If you look at what regions do to build up their entrepreneurship
their academic research, then there's that last step of having the

"This one (the academy) reaches back into high schools. As far as we
no one else is doing this," Zintgraff said.

Students in the new academy will spend half-days at their home high
and the other half at either the Alamo Community College District's
Technology Center under construction at KellyUSA, or the ACCD Northeast
Campus at Interstate 35 and Pat Booker Road.

Another 90 high school juniors will be sought next year, doubling the
of students at the academy to 180, Butler said.

The new academy is a partnership between a dozen technology and computer
security companies and the school districts. The number of industry
and school districts will likely increase, Butler said.

The initial industry partners, who will provide internships to students,
include SecureLogix, SecureInfo, Symantec, Tesoro Petroleum, Digital
Defense, Rackspace Managed Hosting, Karta Technologies, Denim Group,
Software, Paladin IT Services and the Web Head Group.

Other educational partners expected to support the academy are ACCD,
Area Workforce Commission and the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Officials expect many students who graduate from the academy to enroll
UTSA's Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security. The UTSA center
applied to the National Security Agency for certification as a center of
excellence, of which there are more than 20 in the nation.

Even the FBI is working on a memorandum to support and participate in
academy, Butler said. Southwest Research Institute, USAA and the city
Information Systems Department helped plan the academy.

A board of directors drawn from technology companies, nontechnology
companies with large information technology departments, the Air
Intelligence Agency in San Antonio, school districts and ACCD will
the academy. The board likely will reach 13 directors, the same as the
aerospace academy, Butler said.

Participating school districts will provide bus transportation for
between their home high schools and the two classroom sites.

The same school buses may be used for both academies because the
academy may move its North Side classroom from Dee Howard at San Antonio
International Airport to the ACCD Northeast Campus next fall, Butler

The South Side aerospace classes are held at St. Philip's College
Campus near the ACCD Advanced Technology Center at KellyUSA and could
share buses, Butler said.


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(c) 2002, San Antonio Express-News. Distributed by Knight Ridder/Tribune
Business News. TSO, SYMC,.

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