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[] [Fwd: [INFOCON] - "InfoSec goes Porn"],

Eine lustige Geschichte: Unter der URL der "Partnership for Global
Information Security" ist plötzlich eine Porno-Seite zu finden. Entweder
ist die "Partnership"-Initiative eingestellt worden, oder jemand hat
vergessen, die Domain zu verlängern/zu bezahlen. ;-)

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Betreff: [INFOCON] - "InfoSec goes Porn"
Datum: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 23:12:09 -0000
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An: "Infocon" <infocon -!
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Something entertaining for a change which will return quite a
few bounces from the Pentagon mail filter to me (see title
of the email) but that is another story. Anyway I have received
the following email which told me that IWS was linking to a Porn site.

Sent: 19 March 2002 15:03
Subject: Incorrect link on your website

Below is the result of your feedback form.  It was submitted by
 () on Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 15:02:46

textarea: The llnk to "The Partnership for Global Information Security"
your Critical Infrastructure Protection Page
( goes to an adult website, not
the Partnership for Global Information Security.

First, I thought someone is making a joke, but then I checked the link
and it actually linked to something I do not want to link to.

First assumption I made was that by mistake the url was entered
incorrectly. But then I had a look at Google and I discovered
that it was the real link partnership for Global Information
Security. It looks like the Partnership for Global Information
Security moved to more lucrative area where it can earn more money
and relaunhed itself as 'Adult Sex Toy Store - buy sex toys for

Used to be:

The Partnership for Global Information Security 'is a partnership
industry and government leaders from around the world to address
communications and information sharing issues surrounding information
security in a digital economy. Launched at the conclusion of the
Global InfoSec Summit, held October 16-17, 2000, the purpose of the
Partnership is to seek ways to continue international information
sharing on
the people, process and technology challenges of information security.'

Google cache:


Adult Sex Toy Store - buy sex toys for women

Looking at DNS record of the web site it looks like they forgot to renew
domain name and someone else decided to get it instead or someone

Bottom line: IWS linked to the correct site, but unfortuntely the
Partnership for Global Information Security seems not be very good
at security, ....


P.S. I have removed the link from the CIP page.

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