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[] Re: NSA zertifiziert Firmen als IT-Sicherheitstester,

Im Besitz nicht, aber:
Motorola, Lucent, and AT&T sind ein paar der großen Firmen, die in
kommerziellen Aktivitäten der chinesischen Volksbefreiungsarmee involviert
"In one specific case, PLA units are laying an optic cable line supplied
by AT&T and Lucent from Guangzhou to Wuhan."
in: Tai Ming Cheung: ?Can the PLA Inc. Be Tamed??

"How much of this goes to the PLA is unclear, but as already
noted, Lucent is involved with China Telecom-Great Wall, which is
half-owned by
the PLA?s CESEC. This should facilitate the PLA?s progress towards its
goal of
connecting all of its military region, district, and group army
headquarters with fiberoptics, as well as its application to battlefield
communication and weapons systems."

-Olivier (vor längerer Zeit mal dazu gearbeitet, was der neueste Stand
ist, weiß ich nicht, Infoaustausch ist gerne willkommen)

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