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[] Cybersecurity Alliance nimmt Gestalt an,

Ihr erinnert Euch: Das war der Industriezusammenschluss, der vor einem
Monat noch nicht einmal über ein Büro verfügte.

Cybersecurity Alliance Gains Momentum
Wednesday, March 13, 2002
By Gail Repsher Emery,
Washington Technology Staff Writer

The National Cyber Security Alliance, a partnership between the
federal government and private-sector companies, announced March 12
that its membership has more than doubled in its first month, with 40
new companies joining. The alliance now has 78 members.

The alliance's Stay Safe Online Campaign Web site,, has received more than 2 million hits since
its launch one month ago.

The alliance is a cooperative effort between industry and government
organizations to foster awareness of cybersecurity through educational
outreach and public awareness. Its members are working to raise
citizen awareness of the critical role computer security plays in
protecting the nation's Internet infrastructure, and to encourage
computer users to protect their home and small business systems.

The alliance is asking industry to encourage consumers to check their
computer security when the time changes twice yearly. The change to
daylight savings time occurs April 7.

"In this digital age, computer safety checks should be as routine as
checking smoke detectors, the locks on your door or the brakes in your
car. Checking computer safety is vital to protecting consumers," said
Richard Clarke, special adviser to the president for cyberspace

Computer viruses, such as "Code Red," "Melissa" and "I Love You," have
brought millions of computer systems to a standstill, hindering
businesses and government and frustrating millions of Americans.
Citizens can contribute to cybersecurity nationwide by taking
precautions like using virus protection software every day.

The Web site provides tips, alerts, safety
checklists, protective measures and other information to promote safe
and responsible computer use.

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