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[] Al Qaeda will angeblich Microsoft angreifen,

Wie und woraus die Amerikaner das folgern - tja, man weiss es wieder
einmal nicht. 
Eine neue Aktion des OSI?

Washington Times, 15.3.2002

Inside the Ring

Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough

Notes from the Pentagon.


Microsoft targeted by al Qaeda

U.S. intelligence officials said Islamic terrorists have picked
economic-warfare targets inside the United States. This includes
intelligence that al Qaeda terrorists plan to attack Microsoft's
headquarters in Redmond, Wash.
The data were among information found during military operations
inside Afghanistan.
Microsoft's sprawling "campus" is located west of Seattle and includes
47 buildings with a combined 5.3 million square feet of office space.
The company's revenue last year was $25.3 billion.
"This would clearly be economic warfare" by al Qaeda terrorists, said
one official familiar with reports of the threats.
Microsoft spokesman Michael Yaeger had no immediate comment on the
Other targets in the Seattle area include facilities of the defense
contractor Boeing Co., the Navy's Bangor submarine base and the Space


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