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[] Cyber cops & security orgs: DIRTy, stupid and out of control,

Neues aus der Serie Pleiten, Pech und Pannen. Nach der US-Visabeh=F6rde mus=
s diesmal unter anderem O'Brien von RAND dran glauben: Offenbar einst am  V=
ertrieb eines als Sicherheitstool getarnten Trojaners beteiligt.

Was ist doch gleich alles auf der neuen BMWi-CD?



Cyber cops & security orgs: DIRTy, stupid and out of control=20
By Thomas C Greene in Washington
Posted: 18/03/2002 at 13:41 GMT

A number of what one would hope to call professional computer security and =
cyber law-enforcement figures in England, Australia, South America and Asia=
 appear to have been duped by DIRT Trojan marketer Francis Edward "Frank" J=
ones, according to documents obtained by The Register.=20

A second load of Codex Data Systems correspondence has been released, inclu=
ding contract paperwork in various stages of maturity. We don't know how mu=
ch has been finally signed, sealed and delivered; but we can infer that the=
 people named below have at least contemplated co-marketing deals with the =
hustler Jones. Many of them are in high-profile positions of responsibility=
 and trust in the areas of computer security and law enforcement. It makes =
one wonder if anyone in these fields can ever be trusted.=20

For background on the insidious Trojan Jones is misrepresenting as a crime-=
fighting tool, and Jones' criminal background, see our previous coverage he=
re and here.=20

First up we have a proposal for marketing DIRT to government spooks, indust=
rial spies and private security firms in the United Kingdom with Dr Kevin A=
. O'Brien, a Senior Policy Analyst with RAND Europe, and Information Assura=
nce Advisory Council (IAAC) Chief Operating Officer.=20

According to a document dated 24 September 1998, O'Brien was "contemplating=
 being involved in some or all aspects of [Codex's] creation, development, =
production or sale of intellectual property," in his capacity then as a rep=
resentative of the Hussar International Research Group, "a virtual organiza=
tion of professional research analysts based throughout the world. The prim=
e research interests of the Hussar Group are issues of contemporary interna=
tional security, in all of its aspects."=20

The group, which now appears to have been disbanded or absorbed by a larger=
 entity (in part by RAND, obviously), belonged to the Matrix GDSN (Global D=
ecision Support Network).=20

The Matrix describes itself as "an international network of specialist orga=
nizations providing business intelligence, knowledge management, risk asses=
sment and technology evaluation services to future-oriented organizations t=
hroughout the world. "Our global resources include intelligence professiona=
ls, analysts, and systems designers with collective capability that rivals =
many intelligence agencies."=20

As for IAAC, it describes itself as "a private sector led and government su=
pported forum that brings together corporate leaders public policy makers l=
aw enforcement and the research community to address the challenges of info=
rmation infrastructure protection. IAAC is developing policy recommendation=
s for government and corporate leaders at the highest levels."=20

Dr. O'Brien may be found at:=20
RAND Europe (Cambridge)=20
36 Regent Street=20
Cambridge CB2 1PG=20
United Kingdom=20
tel: +44(0)1223-353329=20
obrien -!
- rand -

Information Assurance Advisory Council=20
36 Regent Street=20
Cambridge CB2 1DB=20
United Kingdom=20
tel: +44 (0)1223 307711=20

In Australia we have World Systems Resource (WSR), a=20
discount (used) enterprise computing vendor supplying equipment from HP, SU=
N, Cisco, Compaq, IBM and EMC. A February, 2000 document indicates that the=
 company was seeking a non-exclusive deal as a DIRT reseller in the Austral=
ian cyber-cop/securocrat market.=20

World Systems Resource is located at:=20
Unit 8, 92a Mona Vale Road, Mona Vale,=20
New South Wales 2103 Australia=20
tel: (02) 9979 1455=20

Covering all of South America in one stroke, we have Mr Ramon Ignacio Izagu=
irre, who appears to have entertained a 17 March, 2002 agreement to distrib=
ute the DIRT Trojan to cops and securocrats throughout the land. Jones prai=
ses Izaguirre for his "expertise in marketing to the government, law enforc=
ement and military sector in Argentina and South America," and offers him e=
xclusive rights to market it throughout the region.=20

Izaguirre also appears to operate a company called Segurama, which is invol=
ved in security.=20

He may be found at:=20
1624 Bdo. Irigoyen Street,=20
Buenos Aires 1138, Argentina=20
tel: 54-11 4300-7539=20

And last, but not least, we have Mr Unho "Tiger" Choi in South Korea, who a=
ppears to have entertained a 24 February 2001 deal to get the DIRT circulat=
ing among eager government spooks and ambitious industrial spies in his hom=
e country. He's also a trusted member of the local CERT.=20

Choi is affiliated with the Korean CERT-CC Computer Emergency Response Team=
 Coordination Center, which, just as in the US and elsewhere, is an arm of =
the government.=20

More properly, CERT-CC/Korea is run by the Korea Information Security Agenc=
y (KISA), which in turn is run by the Ministry of Information and Communica=

Our "Tiger" is also affiliated with KISA. And he seems to have his own cons=
ulting business on the side as well. He skips about quite a lot, but should=
 be available for comment at one of these locations:=20

Unho "Tiger" Choi=20
Network and Security Consulting, Inc.=20
1329-4 Woonam Building, 15th Floor=20
Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu=20
Seoul, South Korea=20
cell: 82-17-263-3433=20

Korea Information Security Agency (KISA);=20
Information Security Technology Division=20
78, Karak dong, Songpa-Gu,=20
Seoul 138-160, Korea=20
tel: 82-2-4055-114=20

Senior Members of Technical Staff, CERTCC-KR=20
5F, Seocho-Donga Tower Bldg, 1321-6 Seocho Dong, Seocho-gu,=20
tiger -!
- certcc -
 or -
tel: 82-2-3488-4122=20
cell: 017-263-3433=20

And lest we forget, our friend Jones may be found at:=20
Codex Data Systems, Inc.=20
143 Main Street=20
Nanuet, New York 10954=20
167 Route 304=20
Bardonia, New York 10954=20
tel: 845-627-0011=20
tel: 914-627-0011=20=

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