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[] European Conference on Information Warfare and Security, CfP-Frist verlängert,

...bis zum 8. April. Die ursprüngliche Frist war Ende Februar, die
Einladung ging schon einmal über die Liste.
RB <- hat sich bereits beworben :-)

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From: conferences
Sent: 08 March 2002 12:15
Subject: European conference on Information Warfare and Security


I am writing to you as someone who works in the field of Information
and Security as you may be interested in participating in the European
Conference on this subject that is being held at Brunel University in
United Kingdom on the 8-9 July this year.

We have been very pleased with the enthusiastic response we have
for this conference, but have also heard that not everyone in the
has been aware of the event and thus we are extending the call for
until 8 April.

I am attaching a call for papers and you can find more information about
conference at

I would be grateful if you could pass this information on to any
that you feel might be interested.

best regards

Sue Nugus
Conference Manager

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European Conference on
Information Warfare and Security
Brunel University, United Kingdom

 8-9 July 2002

Conference Chair: Professor Bill Hutchinson, Edith Cowan University,
Programme Chairs: Commodore Patrick Tyrrell, OBE, Royal Navy, UK and
Professor Dan Remenyi, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


The European Conference on Information Warfare and Security (ECIW) is an
opportunity for academics, practitioners and consultants from Europe and
elsewhere who are involved in the study, management, development and
implementation of systems and concepts to combat information warfare or
improve information systems security to come together and exchange
The advisory group for the conference invites submissions of papers on
the theory and practice of all aspects of Information Warfare and
The conference in July 2002 is seeking qualitative, experience-based and
quantitative papers as well as case studies and reports of work in
from academics, information systems practitioners, consultants and
government departments. Topics may include, but are not limited to,
e-Intelligence/counter-intelligence, Perception management, Information
warfare theory, Electro-magnetic pulse weapons, Information, computer
network security, Cryptography, Physical security, Security policy,
Information warfare policy, Information warfare techniques, Hacking,
Infra-structure warfare, National security policy, Corporate defence
mechanisms, Security for small to medium enterprises, Cyber Terrorism,
Ethical, Political and Social Issues relating to Information Warfare,
Information warfare and security education, Legal issues concerned with
information warfare and e-Crime, Cyber-terrorism.

Submission details: In the first instance submit an abstract to the
conference committee.

Abstract details:	No more than 500 words to be received by 1 March 2002
(extended to 8 April).

File type:	Word for Windows.

Submission: 	By e-mail attachment to: dan -
 remenyi -!
- tcd -

Full paper:	Only required on acceptance of abstract. The full papers
(between 3000-5000 words) will be double blind reviewed before being
accepted for presentation at the conference and for publication in the
conference proceedings. Submission date will be no later than 30 April
The best papers will be considered for publication in the Journal for
Information Warfare (JIW) found on:

All abstracts received by the submission deadline will be considered for
presentation at the Conference. Papers accepted will be published in the
conference proceedings only providing authors present their work at the

Important dates:

Abstract submission deadline: 	1 March 2002	Notification of abstract
acceptance:	15 March 2002

Final copy of full paper due:	30 April 2002	Notification of paper
acceptance:		10 May 2002

Conference Executive:

Dr Frank Bannister, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland,
frank -
 bannister -!
- tcd,.ie
Professor Bill Hutchinson, Edith Cowan University, Australia
w -
 hutchinson -!
- cowan -
 edu -
Professor Arthur Money, Henley Management College, UK
arthurm -!
- henleymc -
 ac -
Professor Rene Pellissier, School of Business Leadership, South Africa
pellir -!
- unisa -
 ac -
Professor Dan Remenyi, Trinity College, Dublin, dan -
 remenyi -!
- tcd -
Commodore Patrick Tyrrell, OBE, Royal Navy, UK,
patrick -
 tyrrell -!
- rn -
 cs -
Professor Roy Williams, University of Reading,
r -
 t -
 williams -!
- reading -
 ac -
Professor Les Worrall, University of Wolverhampton, UK,
bu1996 -!
- wbs -
 wlv -
 ac -

Conference Committee:

The conference programme committee consists of key people in the
systems, information warfare and information security communities around
world. The following people have confirmed their participation:

Colin Armstrong (ISA Technologies, Australia), Helen Armstrong (Curtin
University Australia), Frank Bannister (Trinity College Dublin), Ann
(City University Business School, UK), Michael Corcoran (Defence
& Technical Laboratories UK), Dorothy Denning (Georgetown University,
Susie Driscoll (UK Ministry of Defence), Steve Furnell (Plymouth
UK), Kevin Grant (Glasgow Metropolitan University), Bill Hutchinson
Cowan University, Australia), Derek Long (CISA, UK)  Bill Martin (RMIT,
Australia), Graham Mathieson (Defence Scientific & Technical
UK),  Arthur Money (Henley Management College, UK), Chris Morse (Xansa,
Lars Nicander (National Defence College, Sweden)  Fred Piper (Royal
University, UK), Rene Pellissier (School of Business Leadership, South
Africa), Jari Rantapelkonen (Finnish Defence Forces, Finland), Andrew
Rathmell (Rand Europe), Dan Remenyi (Trinity College Dublin), Winn
(Interpact Inc, USA)  Michael Sherwood-Smith (UCD, Ireland), David
(CERTUS, UK), Phil Taylor (University of Leeds, UK), Craig Valli, (Edith
Cowan University, Australia), Michael Walker (Vodaphone, UK)  Mat Warren
(Deakin University, Australia), Peter Wild  (Royal Holloway University
London),   Roy Williams (University of Reading), Les Worrall (University

This call for papers and a preliminary invitation to attend can be found
at   (Journal of Information Warfare) and on the
conference section of

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