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[] US Army plant integriertes IDS; Signal Command wird zu Network Enterprise Technology Command,

Weiss jemand, warum das ausgerechnet "Mannheim project" heisst?
Ausserdem interessant: Das Army Signal Command wird zum Network
Enterprise Technology Command (Netcom).

Army poised for Mannheim project

By Dan Caterinicchia 
April 11, 2002
The U.S. Army Signal Command and many defense agency partners soon 
will begin participating in the Mannheim project, an effort designed 
to help the Army develop an integrated computer network defense as 
part of its overall information technology transformation and 

The project will begin next week as phased exercises that will 
incorporate the institutional and tactical Army, said Maj. Gen. James 
Hylton, commander of the Army Signal Command, speaking at an April 10 
asymmetric warfare symposium sponsored by the Association of the U.S. 

Hylton added that the Defense Department's information environment is 
a prime target for asymmetric warfare, which encompasses anything -
personnel, tactics, weapons - that helps negate one side's advantage 
in a battle.

In addition to the Signal Command, numerous other joint military 
partners are involved, including the Defense Information Systems 
Agency and the Space and Missile Defense Command. All are treating the 
Mannheim project as a priority, Hylton said.

"It will help us examine and develop organization, tactics, techniques 
and procedures to facilitate an integrated Army computer network 
defense," Hylton told Federal Computer Week.

Hylton also detailed changes going on within the Signal Command as it 
shifts into its new role as Network Enterprise Technology Command 
(Netcom), which is charged with providing management for all of the 
Army's IT and networks.

Beginning May 1, Netcom will provide situational awareness of all the 
service's computer networks to the Army chief information officer's 
office, he said. The Signal Command's current mission is to support 
the Forces Command.

Hylton added that Netcom's job initially will require manual and 
electronic reporting to provide a valid assessment of the Army's 
enterprise network, with the goal of having centralized operations and 
management across the infostructure sometime in the future.

Netcom, which will formally launch Oct. 1 along with a number of other 
Army headquarters changes, is made up of personnel from the Signal 
Command and other organizations. It is establishing regional CIO 
offices to coordinate with centralized installation management to 
oversee command, control, communications and computers for each 
region, Hylton said.

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