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[] Chef für neues NETWAR Command der US Navy steht fest,

Mayo gets the nod for new Navy systems post

Government Computer News
By Dawn S. Onley,
GCN Staff 
It? s official: President Bush has nominated Navy Vice Adm. Richard W.
Mayo to head the newly authorized Naval Network Warfare Command. 

Rumors had surfaced for weeks that Mayo, the Navy?s CIO and director of
Space and Electronic Warfare, was the front-runner for the new Norfolk,
Va., command that will open for business in June. DOD posted a brief,
two-sentence release Friday on NETWARCOM will oversee
all Navy networks, information operations and space activities at the
Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek in Norfolk. 

Navy Secretary Gordon England authorized NETWARCOM last month [see story
at]. If confirmed by the
Senate, Mayo will oversee the Naval Network and Space Operations Command
in Dahlgren, Va., the
Fleet Information Warfare Center in Norfolk and the Navy Component Task
Force Computer Network Defense in Washington. Other commands also will
report to
NETWARCOM for fleet support.

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