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[] Harris Corp. sichert die Datennetze der US Army,

Harris to defend Army computers

 BY Dan Caterinicchia 
 April 16, 2002

 The Army announced April 15 that it has awarded a multimillion-dollar
contract to Harris Corp. to help protect its worldwide computer networks
from cyberthreats.

 The award calls for deploying Harris' Security Threat Avoidance
Technology (STAT) Scanner on more than 1.5 million Army workstations
worldwide. The work to install the vulnerability assessment tool is
already under way, according to a company spokesman.

 STAT Scanner provides network administrators with an analysis of all
vulnerabilities, details about the risk level of each vulnerability and
remediation of detected weaknesses. The product features enterprise
reporting to enable officers to monitor the vulnerability analysis
results of systems under their command, according to the Melbourne,
Fla.-based company.

 Under terms of the contract, which was awarded last month, STAT Scanner
will be used to detect vulnerabilities in active-duty and reserve Army
computer networks. Myriad systems are scheduled to be covered including:

 * Strategic networks ? post, camp and station computers.
 * Tactical networks. 
 * Mobile Subscriber Equipment networks (microwave radio system).
 * The Army's Tactical Internet, including direct applicability to the
Warfighter Information Network-Tactical. 

 STAT Scanner searches for vulnerabilities in Microsoft Corp. Windows
NT, Windows 2000/XP, Linux and Unix operating platforms, assessing more
than 1,400 network security vulnerabilities and automatically repairing
many of them.

 The Army contract also requires Harris to provide maintenance services
for three years.

 In addition to Scanner, the STAT product suite includes: Neutralizer, a
behavior-based intrusion-prevention tool that stops security threats,
and Analyzer, a network security risk assessment tool that automates and
streamlines the network security assessment process.

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