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[] Stasiopfer and Cryptome Under Attack,

16 April 2002, a German web site which provides information on the East
German STASI, was ordered by the German government to remove a searchable
database on former members of the STASI. The deadline for removal was April
12 or a large fine would be imposed. Sample news reports:,1518,191702,00.html

To assist Stasiopfer ("STASI Victims") Cryptome established a home for the
banned databank, which has been heavily accessed since April 12:

Now there are attacks on the and the mail system of the
owners which have disrupted service, and the Cryptome searchable database
is under a series of denial of service attacks which are preventing access
by others to the database and to the archive.

It is likely the attacks are coming from former members of the STASI, their
supporters, or the German government. The primary attacker appears to be
based at the University of Leipzig (, although that
address could be spoofed or a machine there has been compromised by an
offsite user; machine address:

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