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[] USA: Büro für Computerexportkontrolle umbenannt,

Federal Cybersecurity Agency Gets New Name 

By Staff, Newsbytes
19 Apr 2002, 4:49 PM CST

The U.S. Department of Commerce said today that its Bureau of Export
Administration had been renamed the "Bureau of Industry and Security,"
to spotlight the agency's heightened role in the Bush administration's
cybersecurity and homeland security efforts. 

The bureau is best known for ensuring that certain cutting-edge
technologies - such as high-performance computers and other items with
both military and commercial uses - aren't bound for countries hostile
toward U.S. interests. 

The agency also coordinates all of the Commerce Department's homeland
security activities, and leads the federal government's outreach to the
private sector on critical infrastructure protection and cybersecurity. 

"The new name better reflects the breadth of the bureau's activities in
the spheres of national, homeland, economic, and cybersecurity," said
Kenneth I. Juster, head of the newly renamed division. 

The Bureau of Industry and Security is online at:

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