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[] GovNet update: vollständig eigenes Netz oder VPN?,

Plans For Secure Federal Intranet Moving Forward 

By David McGuire, Newsbytes
19 Apr 2002, 3:41 PM CST

Now that the Bush administration has determined that building a
government-wide Intranet would be feasible, White House cybersecurity
experts are moving forward with the next phase of that effort, an
administration cybersecurity aide said today. 

"We have no intention of sitting and waiting for something to happen" to
government computer networks, Howard Schmidt, the vice-chairman of the
President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board told Newsbytes

Explaining the sense of urgency expressed by White House electronic
security officials, Schmidt said that it was not enough for the
administration to simply respond to known electronic threats. Schmidt
said the administration wants to address all potential electronic
vulnerabilities before they become threats, Schmidt

Last year, the GSA asked telecommunications companies to submit comments
and recommendations on how to build a secure "corporate Intranet" to
house critical government communications functions. 

After reading the 167 industry responses, Schmidt said that White House
cybersecurity advisors came away with the belief that the creation of a
secure government-wide Intranet - called "GovNet" - was feasible. 

The next step for the administration is to determine whether such a
system would be cost effective and if so, what form it should take,
Schmidt said.  

A key debate in the GovNet project centers on whether the government
needs to build out a redundant, totally secure federal Intranet. Some
security experts have suggested that the government could achieve the
same effect by using existing security technology to build a virtual
private network (VPN) for secure federal communications. 

Schmidt said that he and other administration officials would weigh all
of their options before taking the next step toward building GovNet. 

There is no firm deadline for when the next stage of the GovNet project
will be completed, Schmidt said.

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