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[] palästinensische Webseiten als Opfer des Nahost-Konfliktes,

Die vorherige, widersprechende Meldung war "Israel unter

Palestinian Sites Knocked Offline By Mideast Conflict 

By Brian McWilliams, Newsbytes
18 Apr 2002, 12:04 PM CST

Contrary to recent reports, Israeli Web sites have not born the brunt of
the escalating violence in the Middle East, security experts said today. 

Indeed, the pace of attacks on Israeli Web sites has slowed sharply this
year, even as numerous Palestinian government sites have been
unreachable due to the conflict in the region. 

According to statistics maintained by defacement archive,
electronic vandals hit less than half as many Israeli Web sites in the
first quarter of 2002 than were altered in the last three months of

Eighteen Web sites with addresses ending in "dot-il" were attacked in
the first quarter of 2002, while 38 Israeli sites were defaced at the
close of 2001, according
to Alldas records. 

In a press release Monday, London-based Mi2G said Israeli sites have
been subjected to "asymmetric warfare" and that the country has been
"the biggest victim of Web defacement" in the Mideast, suffering 548
defacement since July 1999. 

Yet while all of Israel's primary government sites were readily
accessible today, more than two dozen Palestinian government sites have
been unreachable for days. 

Attempts to access the official site of the Palestinian National
Authority, located at and hosted by Jerusalem-based
Palnet Communications, were redirected today to a server operated by in Chicago. 

ElectronicIntifada spokesman Ali Abunimah said Webmasters of many
Palestine-based sites have been disrupted by the Israeli invasion of
Palestinian towns and have configured their domain name servers (DNS)
temporarily to redirect visitors to the U.S.-based site. 

Meanwhile, the Israel Government Gateway, located at , was accessible today, as was the Web home of
Israel's parliament, the Knesset, at , and the
official site of Israel's Prime Minister at . 

Attempts to reach 29 Web sites with Internet addresses ending in,
were unsuccessful today. The unreachable sites included the Ministry of
Parliamentary Affairs at , and the Government
Computer Center at . 

A message at the ElectronicIntifada site today said operators of
Palestinian sites "are dealing with shoot-to-kill curfews, no
electricity thanks to Israeli military cut-offs of the power, and other
severe obstacles." 

Alldas has recorded no defacements of sites in Palestine's "dot-ps"
top-level domain. 

Web-site defacements are a poor measure of the impact of the Middle East
conflict on Internet sites in the region, according to Brian Martin, a
security engineer with Virginia-based CACI International. 

"The only value in tallying and publicizing such statistics based on
questionable research is in creating fear, uncertainty, and doubt," said
Martin, one of the
operators of the security information site. 

A spokesman for Mi2G declined to comment on the slowdown in anti-Israel
defacements suggested by the Alldas data. He said Web defacements
provide "the only
publicly visible, overt attacks over time." 

Abunimah said he believes defacements of Israeli sites are perpetrated
by "a very small number" of people and such attacks are not condoned by

"These attacks are not something that is celebrated, advocated or even
widely discussed by people who are concerned about the Palestinian
cause. We are
much more concerned with getting information out than in trying to block
Israeli sites," he said. 

Alldas's list of defaced .IL sites is at . 

Mi2G is on the Web at . 

The ElectronicIntifada is at .

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