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[] Infosec und Department of Homeland Defense,

Das Weisse Haus hat einen Report herausgegeben, in dem die mit der 
Errichtung des Department of Homeland Defense verbundenen 
organisatorischen Änderungen beschrieben sind. Bedroffen sind auch das 
NIPC und das CIAO.


Our nation's information and telecommunications systems are directly 
connected to many other critical infrastructure sectors, including 
banking and finance, energy, and transportation. The consequences of an 
attack on our cyber infrastructure can cascade across many sectors, 
causing widespread disruption of essential services, damaging our 
economy, and imperiling public safety. The speed, virulence, and 
maliciousness of cyber attacks have increased dramatically in recent 
years. Accordingly, the Department of Homeland Security would place an 
especially high priority on protecting our cyber infrastructure from 
terrorist attack by unifying and focusing the key cyber security 
activities performed by the Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office 
(currently part of the Department of Commerce) and the National 
Infrastructure Protection Center (FBI). The Department would augment 
those capabilities with the response functions of the Federal Computer 
Incident Response Center (General Services Administration). Because our 
information and telecommunications sectors are increasingly 
interconnected, the Department would also assume the functions and 
assets of the National Communications System (Department of Defense), 
which coordinates emergency preparedness for the telecommunications 
sector. [p. 15f.]

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