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[] 'Solar Sunrise'-Hacker 'Analyzer' muss ins Gefaengnis,

'Analyzer' aka Ehud Tannenbaum war an der Serien von Einbruechen in
US-Militaercomputer und andere Systeme im Februar 1998 beteiligt, die
spaeter 'Solar Sunrise' genannt wurde und zur Gruendung des NIPC
fuehrte. er tritt heute seine Haftstrafe an, nachdem er nach 1998
zunaechst vom israelischen Militaer angeheuert worden war.

Pentagon hacker 'The Analyzer' to start jail term Tuesday

Last update - 09:28 18/06/2002 
By Ha'aretz Service and Itim 

Ehud Tannenbaum, who used the computer hacker nom de guerre "The
Analyzer," will begin to serve his 18-month sentence Tuesday, after
the High Court rejected his appeal against the punishment meted out by
the Tel Aviv District Court.

Tannenbaum, a 23-year-old Hod Hasharon resident, was convicted of
offenses of conspiracy, wrongful infiltration of computerized
material, disruption of computer use, and destroying evidence, after
he, together with several other hackers, conspired in 1997 and early
1998 to commit various offenses via the Internet.

Tannenbaum obtained programs such as Trojan Horse, which facilitated
illicit entry into classified computer systems; he also upgraded the
programs. Tannenbaum admits that he used the Internet illegally to
infiltrate computer systems operated by official American
organizations, including the Defense Department, the Air Force and the

In rejecting Tannenbaum's appeal, justice Shlomo Levine wrote that,
"the severity with which the sentencing court viewed the crimes leaves
no room for a higher court to interfere with the sentence."

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