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[] Pentagon bekommt Auszeichnungen fuer zwei IT-Programme,

Vergeben wurden sie auf der E-Gov 2002 Conference fuer IT-Integration im
Bereich des Pentagon-Gesundheitswesens.

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Subject: E-Gov Conference Honors Two DoD IT Programs
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 17:20:42 -0400
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NEWS RELEASE from the United States Department of Defense

No. 327-02
June 25, 2002

The Department of Defense announced that two of its premire
health-related information technology programs were honored at
the E-Gov 2002 Conference at the Washington Convention Center
Medical Logistics Standard Support Program
Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) Program received the
2002 "Accenture and MIT Digital Government Award" in the Federal
Innovator Category.  Accenture and the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology recognized government and university programs that
demonstrate the innovative use of web-enabled technology to
increase effectiveness and produce tangible results in the
delivery of products and services.

The DMLSS Program Office, managed by Col. Dan Magee, provides
materiel, facility, equipment and technology management
capabilities, employing state-of-the-art electronic commerce,
hand-held wireless remote and web-enabled technology to achieve
a new standard in medical logistics.

"DMLSS has accomplished a complete reengineering of the $2.5B
medical logistics supply chain through the use of electronic
commerce," said Dr. William Winkenwerder Jr., the assistant
secretary of Defense for Health Affairs. "This award recognizes
the tremendous capability of the Military Health System and the
talented professionals who strive daily to improve all programs
and processes to ensure the highest quality care for our men and
women in uniform."

Leading-edge electronic commerce solutions have radically
transformed the distribution of medical supplies to both
military hospitals and deploying forces; they serve as models
for the entire federal government.  DoD medical users worldwide
now have at their fingertips a fully automated and integrated
inventory and an information management system ready to meet
their medical logistics needs to support the military services
in the 21st century.  More information about DMLSS can be found
at .

Tri-Service Infrastructure Management Program Office
        The Military Health System Information Management and
Information Technology Program's Tri-Service Infrastructure
Management Program Office (TIMPO) won the E-Gov 2002 Pioneer
Award for the National Capital Area Consolidation (NCAC)
Project.  The award recognizes programs that improve government
service by streamlining processes and implementing innovative

"The TIMPO consolidation project has provided a highly reliable,
high performance, secure, telecommunications infrastructure
solution integrating clinical information systems for three
premier military medical treatment facilities: Walter Reed Army
Medical Center, National Naval Medical Center and Malcom Grow
Medical Center," said Dr. William Winkenwerder, assistant
secretary of Defense for Health Affairs. "We are very pleased by
this recognition of good ideas and of the dedicated effort to
bring those ideas to fruition."

The National Capital Area of the Military Health System serves
one of the largest beneficiary populations in the country.
TIMPO, in collaboration with other federal/government
departments, completed this large metropolitan area
consolidation project within budget and established performance

TIMPO, managed by Cdr. Lyn Hurd on behalf of the assistant
secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, plays a vital role in
the delivery of quality health care to servicemembers, their
families and retirees by managing a secure, robust, common,
standards-based information infrastructure that supports the
military health care system.

TIMPO will accept the award and discuss the success of the NCAC
at the E-Gov 2002 Conference, at the Washington Convention
Center, 25 - 27 June 02.

More information about TIMPO is at .

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