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[] neue Webseite des Kreml: Hacker-sicher?,

So eine Ankuendigung ist ja erfahrungsgemaess die beste Methode, Hacker

Kremlin's new Web site: Hacker-proof?

By Reuters 
June 21, 2002, 9:55 AM PT

Almost 100 hackers have tried to break into Russian President Vladimir
Putin's new Web site in the first 24 hours of its existence, but none
has yet succeeded, the Kremlin said Friday.

And after three months of checks by the Federal Agency for Government
Communications and Information, the presidential administration is
certain the site, unveiled Thursday, is almost hacker-proof.

"Some 500,000 people have visited the site, and there have so far been
96 attacks by hackers, but none of them has succeeded," a Kremlin
spokesman said.

Hackers try to break into Web sites with a variety of goals, including
defacing content and cracking confidential financial information, but
the Kremlin did not know what motivated those who tried to penetrate
the presidential site.

"It could be anyone, in any country," the spokesman said.

Ayaxi, the Moscow-based company that won a tender to build the site
after a contest last June, said the site took almost 10 months to

The site contains copies of Putin's speeches, new laws and tidbits of
presidential news. Visitors can also browse a photo album that
includes shots of the president walking his dogs and the Putin
family's holiday snaps.

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