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[] USA schenkt afghanischer Regierung Computer&Internet,

und zwar 10 Stück!?

U.S. to Provide Internet Center to Afghan Ministry of Commerce

(USAID Grant Provides Connectivity and Computer Terminals) (438)
By Susan Domowitz
Mon, 15 Jul 2002 Washington File Staff Writer

Kabul -- The United States has agreed to provide Afghanistan with an
Internet center that will enable Afghan businessmen and traders to sell
their products and services worldwide via e-commerce.

U.S. Ambassador Robert P. Finn and Afghanistan?s Minister of Commerce,
Sayed Mustafa Kazemi, signed an agreement in Kabul July 13 to provide
ministry with Internet connectivity and 10 computer terminals.  The
is expected to be functioning within one month.  The grant for the
equipment and Internet service, valued at $50,000, is provided through
U.S. Agency for International Development/Office of Transition

After the signing ceremony at the Ministry of Commerce in Kabul,
Ambassador Finn told a group of reporters that the grant was ?a little
step, but a very important step toward moving the country away from
He noted that there is widespread interest in Afghanistan on the part of

American investors and that he had received a number of inquiries.  He
said some deals in the telecommunications and hotel industries are
completion, and added that a group of experts from the United States is
coming here soon to investigate the possibility of developing
Afghanistan?s oil and gas reserves.  However, he cautioned that improved

security is necessary for businesses to flourish.

Afghan Commerce Minister Kazemi thanked the United States for the grant
and said the center would give Afghan traders and dealers, as well as
Ministry itself, access to the Internet.  He said the services of the
center would be expanded throughout the country.

Kazemi said he plans to travel to the United States July 24-25 for a
meeting on Afghanistan, sponsored by Georgetown University in
D.C.   During the visit, he said he hopes to encourage closer ties
Afghan and U.S. businessmen, and to press for the establishment of a
distribution center in the United States for Afghan goods.

He added that Afghanistan?s Commission on Private Investment is ready to

approve legislation next week that would improve the investment climate
Afghanistan and ease requirements for Afghan businesses selling products

and services abroad.  He added that he expects full Cabinet approval of
the legislation soon.

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