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[] Vorlaeufer fuer Inter-State ISAC gegruendet,

[ISAC: Information Sharing and Analysis Center. RB]

Deal struck for security alerts

 BY Diane Frank 
 July 25, 2002

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers today
announced it has signed an agreement with the primary federal
infrastructure security analysis and warning center so that individual
states can receive alerts on cyber and physical threats.

The memorandum of agreement with the National Infrastructure Protection
Center creates a formal venue for states to receive quick notification
of general and specific warnings issued by the center. 

The NIPC, an interagency center, works closely with many public and
private entities to develop alerts, analysis and assistance on
infrastructure threats. It is part of the FBI; President Bush has
proposed that the NIPC become part of the planned Homeland Security

States interested in receiving the NIPC alerts will sign participation
agreements with NASCIO, and they must agree to use any sensitive
information with care.

The agreement with NIPC is the first step for the state CIOs toward
forming a full-featured Interstate Information Sharing and Analysis
Center (Interstate ISAC), according to a statement from Rock Regan, CIO
of Connecticut and NASCIO president. The formation of such a center is
called for in a report on information security in the public sector
issued this week by NASCIO and the PricewaterhouseCoopers Endowment for
the Business of Government.

The Interstate ISAC would follow the pattern of other centers by
providing a way for information and intelligence on threats and
vulnerabilities to be securely shared between the federal government and
the ISAC.

Former President Clinton first urged the creation of sector-specific
ISACs in May 1998 when he issued Presidential Decision Directive 63,
which requires federal agencies to secure the information and physical
systems that support the nation's critical infrastructure, such as
banking and transportation. The Bush administration has continued to
support the formation of ISACs to cooperate with the Critical
Infrastructure Protection Board, created by executive order in October

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