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[] UK: MoD ruestet auf bei IT - fuer 578 Mio. Pfund,

MoD gets £578m IT boost 

Andy McCue , 25-07-2002

The cash-strapped Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been given a
£578m boost in the Government's spending review to improve IT

The money is part of a total of £3.5bn earmarked for the MoD over
three years, and will be used for replacing outdated legacy systems
and putting services online. 

"This will enable the MoD to operate more effectively and will help it
to meet its efficiency targets," said the Chancellor's review last week.

"The additional money will also allow the MoD to modernise its
business information systems, especially in the Defence Logistics
Organisation [DLO]." 

Each of the MoD's agencies will be required to bid for a share of the
cash from a pot controlled centrally by the ministry. 

The lion's share will be set aside for the DLO, which was set up in
1999 to streamline operations and cut 20 per cent off the MoD's
£4.6bn annual purchasing and logistics budget by 2005. 

The DLO is currently engaged in a 10-year, £45m Defence Electronics
Commerce Services e-procurement project rolled out by Cap Gemini
Ernst & Young last year. 

Key projects that will bid for the money have not yet been identified,
but it will help the department meet government modernisation
targets, according to a DLO spokesman. 

"It is a substantial increase and we are reviewing our plans at the
moment," he said. 

The main competition to the DLO scheme could come from the £400m
Defence Information Infrastructure (DII) project to outsource the
armed forces' non-military systems to the private sector. 

Key suppliers will be talking to the DII later this week to discuss how
the contract should be split. 

IT projects at the MoD have felt the squeeze since funds were
diverted to frontline operations for the war in Afghanistan. 

Earlier this year £20m of development work on the Defence Stores
Management System, which was to be the largest asset management
system in Europe, was halted.

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