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[] Umfrage: Wer glaubt an Cyberterror und Cyberwar?,

Geht mal direkt auf die Seite, da finden sich die Tabellen - als
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Is Online Terrorism a Legitimate Threat?
20 August 2002

>From land, to air to internet connections -- the threat of
"cyberterrorism" has IT professionals concerned and research
organizations like Computer Economics and the CSI surveying the scene. 

According to a report from Computer Economics, though 48.4% of
information technology (IT) professionals believe that a "large-scale"
cyberattack will be launched on their country by a military operative in
less than two years, and 69.6% think terrorists will launch such an
attack, but 80.1% think their country is not prepared. 

Computer Economics conducted a survey among 233 IT professionals, six
out of 10 of whom were from the US, between May and June 2002. 

Information security has remained a hot topic since the tragic events on
11 September 2002. A 16 August article from Cyberatlas indicates that
50% of IT professionals are concerned that a cyberterrorism attack on
the US is imminently approaching. Indeed the Computer Security Institute
(CSI) and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) surveyed security
practicioners in April 2002 and reported that while most network attacks
in the US are likely to be traced back to individuals -- disgruntled
employees (75%) or independent hackers (82%) -- an increasing number of
practicioners say they are likely to be traced back to foreign
governments. In 1999, only 21% cited a foreign government as a likely
perpetrator, but by 2002, the number grew to 26% of respondents.

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