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[] 19.08.02: IBM AIX 5L UNIX Becomes First Operating System To Obtain Crucial Government Certification,

Monday August 19, 9:00 am ET
Press Release
SOURCE: IBM Corporation
IBM AIX 5L UNIX Becomes First Operating System To Obtain Crucial Government 

Boeing To Implement Powerful IBM eServer Systems With AIX For Major 
Department Of Defense Contract

ARMONK, NY--(INTERNET WIRE)--Aug 19, 2002 -- IBM today announced that AIX 
5L(tm) is the first UNIX(R) operating system to achieve certification on a 
crucial platform used by the nation's Department of Defense (DoD). This 
certification was critical in winning a contract for the DoD's Ground-based 
Midcourse Defense (GMD) program with Boeing as the prime contractor.

Boeing selected IBM to provide p690 systems running AIX(R) and eServer 
workstations. IBM has placed 66 eServer p690 systems into the Missile 
Defense program. Twenty of the p690s will be used by Boeing to run 
sophisticated test and simulations. The balance of the systems will be 
deployed by TRW for Battle Management Command and Control.

The Department of Defense requires that operating systems used for Command 
and Control be certified to run its Common Operating Environment (COE). The 
COE is a user interface, which operates using the same commands regardless 
of what operating system is running on the server. Having a common look and 
feel saves the DoD millions of dollars in training costs, since users do 
not have to learn multiple operating systems. AIX is the first OS to be 
certified on COE Version 4.

In order to meet the Government's strict requirements for certification, 
IBM was required to review and port approximately 875,000 lines of code and 
compile 1,500 pages of supporting documentation. The Government then tested 
its software on AIX using 29 thorough validation procedures.

"The compliance certification demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the 
Government sector and opens up a great market opportunity in the Department 
of Defense," said Anne Altman, IBM Managing Director for US Federal, "Being 
selected by Boeing for the Ground-based Midcourse Defense program 
highlights the power and reliability the eServer p690 and AIX."

"The Common Operating Environment is a key piece of software enabling 
better communication within the Department of Defense," said Fritz Schultz, 
Defense Information System Agency (DISA) KPC Program. "We are very pleased 
to have AIX certified on COE."

About COE and the Kernel Compliance Program

The COE is designed to provide common information technology architecture 
to promote interoperability and to establish cross-platform capabilities 
for the increasingly diverse Department of Defense (DoD) operations.

The Kernel Compliance Program allows the Defense Information System Agency 
(DISA) to validate a vendor's certification of a specific hardware/software 
platform against DISA criteria for Kernel Platform compliance. These 
criteria include compliance with industry standards, commercial testing, 
and satisfaction of DISA interoperability security, and functional 

About IBM eServer pSeries and AIX 5L

IBM eServer pSeries(tm) systems provide higher level of availability, 
scalability and performance to power the most demanding commercial and 
technical applications. The eServer pSeries line includes systems ranging 
from compact towers, which provide powerful entries into the world of 
e-business, to enterprise servers, which are well suited for large-scale, 
mission-critical workloads.

IBM eServer pSeries servers run AIX 5L, the industry's most open UNIX 
operating environment. AIX provides higher levels of integration, 
flexibility and reliability essential for meeting the high demands of 
today's e-business applications. The operating system is fully integrated 
to support existing 32- and 64-bit hardware systems in their full range of 
scalability, with key Internet technologies such as Java included as part 
of the base operating system. For more information visit, 

The IBM eServer brand consists of the established IBM e-business logo with 
the following descriptive term "server'' following it. IBM, the e-business 
logo, AIX, AIX 5L, and pSeries are trademarks of IBM Corporation in the 
United States and/or other countries.

UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries 
licensed exclusively through The Open Group.

All other company, product and service names are trademarks or registered 
trademarks of their respective companies.

(C) 2002 International Business Machines Corporation, all rights reserved.

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