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[] Richard Clarke setzt auf Hacker, will bedingte Straffreiheit,

Gerade erst entdeckt beim Durchstöbern der aufgelaufenen Mails aus dem
RISKS DIGEST von Peter G. Neumann. Sehr empfehlenswert übrigens:

Associated Press, 31 July 2002


Richard Clarke, the cybersecurity advisor to President Bush, told
attendees of the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas that they should
find and report software bugs that compromise computer security. Clarke
said that some of those listening "have an obligation to find the
vulnerabilities." According to Clarke, hackers should be responsible in
their disclosures of bugs, letting the software company know first and
allowing the company time to fix the bug before the weakness is made
public. If someone finds a bug and acts in good faith to see that it is
addressed, that person should not be prosecuted, Clarke said, saying
that legal protections may need to be installed for hackers disclosing
security flaws.

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