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[] Angry Kuwaiti hacker launches cyber attack,

Angry Kuwaiti hacker launches cyber attack

14 December 2002

A YOUNG Kuwaiti computer hacker was being hailed yesterday as a hero
for causing the collapse of the Iraqi information ministry web site
after loading it with viruses

The hacker, 19, known by his computer name of Koko, launched his cyber
attack after becoming incensed by a speech by Saddam Hussein last
weekend in which the Iraqi leader offered an "apology" for the 1990
invasion of Kuwait.

Speaking to a local Kuwaiti newspaper, Koko said: "I did it because
what Saddam said was lies and someone had to show that Kuwait was not
going to put up with his threats any more.

"I'm not a hero, I just wanted to defend my country," he added.

Koko's conversion to the defence of his country also represents
something of a public relations coup in the battle against cyber

He had been part of a disparate gang of computer hackers involved in
acts of sabotage against Israeli government web sites and various US
and British business interests

"We're very proud of him," a gang member said.

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