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[] Neuerscheinung: Collateral Language: A User's Guide to America's New War,

Collateral Language: A User's Guide to America's New War
by John Collins (Editor), Ross Glover (Editor) ISBN 0814716388

Book Description
Terrorism, jihad, fundamentalism, blowback. These and other highly charged 
terms have saturated news broadcasts and everyday conversation since 
September 11th. But to keen ears their meanings change depending upon who's 
doing the talking. So what do these words really mean? And what are people 
trying to say when they use them?

Each of the thirteen essays in Collateral Language offers an informed 
perspective on a particular word or phrase that serves as a building block 
in the edifice of post-World Trade Center rhetoric. In some cases this 
involves a systematic examination of the term in question (e.g. "anthrax" 
or "unity")?its historical roots, the development of its meaning and usage 
in the U.S. over time, and its employment in the current context. In other 
cases authors provide a set of more philosophical or autobiographical 
reflections on a particular idea (e.g. "vital interests" or "evil"), 
suggesting a need to consider the ethical and moral implications of using 
the concept uncritically. In every instance, however, the overriding goal 
is to give the reader a set of practical tools to analyze the political 
language that surrounds all of us at this critical point in our nation's 

Witty, informative and highly readable, Collateral Language is a lexicon of 
political terminology and an indispensable tool for understanding the 
current conflict.

About the Author
John Collins is Assistant Professor of Global Studies at St. Lawrence 
University. Ross Glover is Visiting Professor of Sociology at St. Lawrence 

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