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[] WH Factsheet: New White House Office Coordinates Global Communications,

Von Wanja Eric Naef.


21 January 2003 

New White House Office Coordinates Global Communications
(To better coordinate message to world on U.S. government policies,
values) (910)

(begin fact sheet)

Office of the Press Secretary
January 21, 2003

New White House Office Coordinates Global Communications

Why? The President understands the importance of conveying America's
message to the world. Better coordination of our international
communications will help convey the truth about America and the goals
we share with people everywhere. He knows we need to communicate our
policies and values to the world with greater clarity and through
dialogue with emerging voices around the globe. Created by Executive
Order of the President, this new office within the White House
coordinates strategic communications with global audiences,
integrating the President's themes into new and ongoing programs.

The New Office of Global Communications

The Office of Global Communications (OGC) advises on the strategic
direction and themes that United States government agencies use to
reach foreign audiences. The Office assists in the development of
communications programs that disseminate truthful, accurate, and
effective messages about the American people and their government.
With State Department Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs remaining at
the frontlines of international communications, Global Communications
coordinates the work of many agencies and Americans to convey a few
simple but powerful messages. These will be aimed to prevent
misunderstanding and conflict, build support for and among United
States coalition partners, and better inform international audiences.

Lessons learned from the temporary Coalition Information Centers (CIC)
have been applied to the new Office. Created to react to our
adversaries' misinformation, CIC quickly proved that White House-led
efforts could facilitate strategic, proactive communications in the
war on terror. Last year's focus on the liberation of women in
Afghanistan is a prime example. Working closely with the
communications office of the Assistant to the President for National
Security Affairs, Global Communications recently coordinated
communications about the Administration's Ramadan activity and the
President's views on Islam. Recognizing the value of remotely deployed
coalition information centers, the President has authorized the new
Office to coordinate with the appropriate agencies the creation of
teams of communicators to work in areas of intense global media
interest. No such team is currently operating, but OGC is organized to
move swiftly in cooperation with other US government agencies and
coalition partners.

America's Message to the World

This new office assists the President in communicating his message to
the world -- dignity, security and liberty for all people, everywhere.
The "non-negotiable demands of human dignity" and the National
Security Strategy's focus on peace and freedom are US Government
policy, but they are also universal aspirations. As such, they provide
a framework for more listening and greater dialogue around the globe,
and a framework in which OGC will coordinate a variety of new efforts.

As the President says, we value the dignity of all human life. Family,
learning and generosity, both here at home and around the world, are
central to prosperity and peace for all.

Meanwhile, for security's sake, we seek to defend, preserve and extend
the peace. The President's strategy makes clear that peace is defended
by fighting terror and tyranny. Peace is preserved with good relations
among great powers. And peace is extended by encouraging free and open

And America must always stand for liberty. As the President plainly
states, freedom is God's gift to every single person. Freedom is also
the one true model for national success. Different circumstances
require different methods -- we help societies so they can choose for
themselves the rewards of political and economic freedom.

New Initiatives

The President understands that reaching global audiences, especially
people who are open to the truth but unsure or critical of some
aspects of America, will take many years, but we must begin to make a
difference now.

OGC coordination efforts focus on 1) daily messages, 2) communications
planning, and 3) long-term strategy.

1. OGC produces The Global Messenger, a one-page fact sheet sent
world-wide to disseminate key points and daily activities on global
issues. OGC leads a daily conference call of Administration leaders to
coordinate near-term and mid-range communications planning. The office
also works closely with the State and Defense Departments to ensure
rapid response to allegations and rumors in the war on terror.

2. The new office coordinated themes and events to support the
President's successful drive for Congressional and U.N. support for
disarming Saddam Hussein. OGC is coordinating efforts to reveal the
disinformation and propaganda of the Iraqi regime, including the
publication of Apparatus of Lies: Saddam's Disinformation and
Propaganda, 1990-2003. Working closely with the Pentagon and all
relevant agencies, OGC is coordinating the launch of new
reconstruction initiatives in Afghanistan. Also, from time to time,
OGC facilitates the organization of teams of communicators to be sent
proactively to foreign or domestic areas of high global interest and
media attention. For example, one such team worked with the
international media gathered in Kabul, Afghanistan for the Loya Jirga.
This effort underscored the ongoing US and coalition commitment to
rebuilding the country and restoring liberty.

3. OGC will coordinate government-wide efforts to convey America's
message to the world by improving communications about US humanitarian
and pro-democracy efforts. Drawing on the President's outreach to Arab
and Muslim audiences, OGC is working closely with the State Department
to increase our interaction with existing pan-Arab news media. Also,
the Office is studying new ways to reach Muslim audiences directly via
US-supported broadcasting.

(end fact sheet)

(Distributed by the Office of International Information Programs, U.S.
Department of State. Web site:

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