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[] Re: US StratCom bekommt neue Aufgaben: IO, C4ISR,...,

Olivier Minkwitz schrieb:

> die Frage muß wohl eher lauten
> warum ist das SpaceCom eigentlich überhaupt zu erst mit IO/CNO beauftragt
> worden und nicht das StratCom? 
Das hat Richard Myers mal erzählt: 

DoD News Briefing
Wednesday, January 05, 2000 - 10:45 a.m. EST 
Presenter: Richard Myers, General, USAF, Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Space
Special Briefing re: Current Activities of the U.S. Space Command

"Q:  And why Space Command?  How did you guys draw this?         

General Myers:  I think for -- first of all, a lot of the information
we're dealing with in warfare is either space enabled or travels through
space.  We have a global perspective, and you need that for the
defensive mission; in particular, you need to have the global
perspective because you may have an attack originating in one theater
that's having an effect in another theater, and there has to be somebody
in the middle there that has that view and can coordinate responses, and
so forth.
And the other reason I would say is that we're used to working in the
virtual world. You know, we control satellites with keystrokes.  We
never see the effect other than the data coming back down that said,
yes, the command was taken.  So we think it fits nicely.  I was there
when the decision was made.  I was brand new on the job.  I'd been in
the job one month, came to a meeting where the service chiefs and the
other unified commanders all said, "We think we need a war-fighting
commander in chief to be responsible for this mission area."

Q:  (Off mike.)

General Myers:  I was -- again, I was new.  I was very quiet.  I didn't
-- I made no comment.  I just was listening.  But I thought, at the same
time, and I had given it some thought previously and had some
discussions with people that were influencing this area, that it
probably was the right thing to do.  And we think it's fit in -- the
computer network defense piece has fit in very nicely."

> Ich meine IO/CNO wurde von den meisten (auch
> von einigen von uns) immer als "strategische Aufgabe" gesehen. Bislang aber
> waren waren eben nur Nukes der Definition nach "strategisch", 
Eben. Daher hat StratCom das damals nicht bekommen (und wohl auch nicht
Der neue Unified Command Plan war damals noch nicht in Kraft. 

Ich vermute ausserdem, dass es etwas anderes ist, ob die Rand-Leute von
"Strategic Information War" reden, oder ob ein Atombombenkommando eine
neue, in der Praxis ganz andere und etwas kompliziert aussehende Aufgabe
bekommen soll.

Grüße, Ralf

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